Westin Palace Hotel

Madrid, Spain

Refurbishment of Lower Floors – Meeting Rooms.

The restoration of the lower floors dedicated to Ballroom and Meeting Rooms began in 2008 and was finalized within 2013.

The spaces were given an integral lighting system with concealed lighting element while providing in every space, a visual lighting element in form of custom fixtures or lighting sculptures.  The ballroom has three main lighting systems. On one hand a grazing rgb led system which lights the perimeter of the two floors providing the volume of the space, a custom light fixture within its center proving the necessary glamour as well as recessed downlights within the ceiling providing the necessary lighting levels for each function.

The meeting rooms on the other hand are given two lighting systems. On one hand the backlighting of the glass elements within the columns which provide the spaces atmosphere and heritage and on the other hand, linear recessed low glare lighting providing the necessary lighting levels for each function.

All rooms are fitted with led technology and control systems to be easily used and maintained.

Valentín Merino
Interior Design:
Rockwell Group Europe
Project Management:
Westin Palace Starwood
Host Hotels and Resorts
Courtesy of Westin Palace
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