Palau de la Música Auditorium

Barcelona, Spain

In commemoration of Domènech I Muntaner, the building belongs to the world cultural heritage since the year 2000 having been part of three important remodelations as well as new additions to the building.

The new extension draws inspiration from the original architecture- spaces full of light without seeing its source- giving special importance to color. Symmetry was integrated with great conscientiousness.

The illumination is conceived by lighting up surfaces, a characteristic theme to guide one through the building. We created a fluorescent lighting scheme in different colors throughout the stairs of all 6 floors, bearing in mind its subtle representation of the façade, influenced by different conditions caused by the architecture.

Oscar Tusquets Blanca
JG Ingenieros S.A.
Fundació Orfeó Català Palau de la Música
Rafael Vargas
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