Pakta Restaurant

Barcelona, Spain

Creating the right atmosphere for a restaurant is a challenge, as it is essential to take care of details so that the only protagonist is the food and its surrounding atmosphere.

This Peruvian Japanese restaurant – takes into account the lighting concept as, “Merger between light – darkness and simplicity – color” having colorful looms as its central element.

The lighting concept is manifested through grazing light on some colorful looms, like a second skin, enfolding the entire space taking its personality and dynamism while providing a secondary lighting system for the food area.

It is a play of purity, brightness and transparency reflected in the sensual luminaries for each table and light lanterns at the entrance to welcome visitors.

The result reveals a perfect balance of light and atmosphere where the client is dipped into the new “Nikkei” gastronomic experience. 

Interior Design:
El Equipo Creativo
Construction Management:
Sánchez Guisado Arquitectos
Albert Adrià, Ferran Adrià / The Iglesias Brothers
Adrià Goula
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