MNAC – Museo Nacional de Arte de Catalunya

Barcelona, Spain

The extension of the “Museo Nacional de Arte de Cataluña (MNAC)” took a long construction period, demanding a strong teamwork of several professionals. This project was limited to the lighting of the artwork, hallways and inner courtyards of the Extension Building, with purchased equipment.  Both in terms of architecture as well as engineering, the project was already designed and built by the time we became part of the team.

Within the existing structure we adequately illuminated the hallways and the exhibition halls thus created an illuminated space in which the artwork is always the main feature, discretely placing all light fittings in order to keep them away from the viewer’s attention.

Gae Aulenti and Enrique Steegman (phase 1,2,3), Gae Aulenti and Josep Benedito (phase 4)
Grupo JG Ingenieros (phase 1,2,3) / AIA (phase 4)
Project Coordination:
Valérie Bergeron
Piero Castiglioni / BMLD
Patronat del Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya
Lluís Casals
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