Los Patos Palace Hotel

Granada, Spain

Being one of the fundamental pieces of the building heritage of Granada, the “Palacio de Los Patos” is a beautiful reminiscence of the 19th century which leaves the visitor in awe with its cultural Heritage and Design.

Two swans, carved out of white marble at the entrance, reflect the influential and rich bourgeoisie of the second half of the 19th century, which was in search of distinction and renewal- core influences in the foundation of Granada’s culture. 

Hospes Hotels created an outstanding project in the form of an oasis of relaxation and quietness directly in the center’s vibrant shopping district.  It is an impulse for today’s cultural and artistic realm of Granada and its visitors. Lighting was with the same theme, by underlining the modern character of the hotel, while respecting its historical and artistic heritage, all by conceiving a soft and indirect illumination through modern elements.

Xavi Claramunt
Interior Design:
Elvira Blanco / Maipi Esteve
Project Manager:
Hospes Hotels
Jordi Miralles
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