Hotel Fairmont Juan Carlos I

Barcelona, Spain

The renovation of the Lobby within the Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I is within an exquisite and impressive 15 story high Atrium incorporating the reception area, concierge, bar and lounge.

This space is seen from 180 degrees, from the front, back and from above.

In order to provide guests with a cozy, safe and sound environment within the vastness of this atrium while working with the ground foor and atrium space, pergolas were designed consisting of white and golden metal cladded ribs, which also incorporate sound and lighting.

The lighting concept was to generate clouds of lights within the pergolas that allowed for light and shadow to coexist within the space. These clouds were developed as custom fixtures integrated within pergola ribs, housing a led that shines through a polished hexagonal glass, providing sparkle and brilliance. Connected via track through a DALI control system, very soft movement was integrated which is not perceivable unless you look closely to one fixture. Within the track system, small custom spotlight were designed and integrated allowing for accent light at specific locations relating to dining.

In between pergolas, decorative floorlamps and rechargeable battery table lamps are used, creating softer light and better views of atrium.

Within bar area, the same system was used, track mounted custom accent fixtures and track mounted custom decorative track fixtures, although the fixture form was changed to a drop type glass shape.

The reception is again located below a pergola allowing for smaller scale. Reception working surfaces are lit with led channels, so is the outer skin. A decorative table lamp accomplices each arriving guest while the back panels are softly wall washed form fixtures hidden within pergola ribs.

Hotel Fairmont Juan Carlos I
Architect of Record:
Betarq Group
Design Architect:
Interior Design:
Betarq Group / GSR Interior Design
Urbans TBA
Project Manager:
Study Let
Fairmont Hotel
Barcelona Projects, S.A.
Álvaro Valdecantos
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