1898 Ramblas Hotel

Barcelona, Spain

This 4 star hotel, formerly the Philippine Tobacco Company headquarters, is located in the center of Barcelona and is an architectural jewel by itself. This building is under cultural heritage protection and lighting within facade had to therefore, be integrated very carefully.

Lighting limits itself to the window openings with a soft lighting through the integration of filtered fluorescents in the sill, giving a great visual impulse to the façade.

Based on the slenderness and classical form of the building, we also regarded the “human” part, choosing decorative fixtures for the pedestrian level, the restores original fixtures with new lighting technology incorporated.

Overall, the lighting concept considers the aesthetic and history of the building as well as maintenance and energy consumption, being at 1 Watt per square meter for its facade.

Núñez y Navarro
Núñez y Navarro
Núñez y Navarro
Jordi Miralles
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