More information on cookies and configuration.

1. What cookies are?

The webpage (thereafter Web or Website) places cookies or similar technologies (devices of data storage and data retrieval) in terminal equipment of the addresses. We remind you that you can configurate your privacy as for the cookies in your navigator at the moment of its installation, to accept all the cookies or none before continuing its installation. We also advise your that, when you consent that the cookies are placed and used you can change the configuration of your navigator at any moment to disable the cookies.

The cookies are small amounts of information, text files, that are downloaded and stored in your navigator in order that the server of the web remembers a given information already stored about your visits to the Web, place of connexion, language asked for identification of the session, data of

authentication, results per page, in order to be able to access to it later on, retrieve and use it.

The cookies can be own’s or third parties’, of session or persistent, having a technical nature, of personalisation, security, analysis, advertising, behavioural publicity or follow-up.

The cookies of third parties are generally used by the networks of publicity, managers of publicity and they allow to follow the track of navigation by the different websites associated to the network of publicity and display the publicity personalised depending on the history of navigation of the user. Likewise, cookies of third parties can be there allowing to measure the activity and traffic of the webpage and drawing up navigation profiles of the users of the webpage in order to introduce improvements and cookies of third parties that measure the activity of the user in the paragraph of social network of the webpage.

2. What type or cookies this webpage is using?

The generic cookies managed by BMLD serve: i) to speed up navigating and analysing the effectiveness of the design, which are necessary for the correct operation and display of the webpage; ii) carry out and store preferences of the user that allows us to check whether he was already connected before; type of navigator; language used; place of connexion; device used (fixed/mobile); unique identifiers of Analytics; iii) generating analytical reports on the visits and traffic of the website in behalf of Google Analytics.

The cookies that our company uses are generic cookies of technical nature, of personalisation or configuration, they allow the user to access to the webpage with some predefined characteristics

(language, type of navigator, regional configuration), of security, they protect the webpage from possible attacks and/or malicious activities and from third parties analytics and follow up that allow us to obtain information on your behaviour on line, creating profiles without identifying the natural person to carry out statistical analysis and of uses of the webpage.


Technical cookies

They allow the user to navigate by the webpage and use the different options or services the website makes available to him. Necessary for the correct operation of the Web.

  • Cookie_notice_accepted: own cookie. Purpose: controlling whether the user accepts the message of the cookies: Nature: Technical cookie. Duration: 365days.

Of personalisation or Configuration

They allow the user to access to the website with some predefined characteristics (language, type of navigator, regional configuration).

Of security

They protect the application against possible attacks and/or malicious activities.

Of identification and authentication

They allow to identify the user and recognise him for personalising his experience every time he connects to the webpage. They allow to identify the session of the user and his petitions as well as those that identify and authenticate the user and those that keep the name of the already registered users.


Of analysis and follow-up

The cookies of analysis allow the measurement of the activity of the website and drawing up profiles of navigation of the users of the website with the purpose of carrying out statistical analysis and measurement of the webpage to introduce improvements in our services and in the range of offers we offer to you, depending on the analysis of the data of use the users of the webpage and its services make.

We use the service of Google Analytics provided by Google, Inc. with main office at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States, that allows that the owners of the said websites check how the users interact with their webpage by monitoring their behaviour.

The service of Google Analytics is used to analyse the habits of navigation of the users, anonymously compiling information without identifying individual users never the name of the user of the data of navigations shall be associated to the name of the user.

The service of Google Analytics that monitors the behaviour of the users visiting the Web uses the cookies detailed below to analyse the habits of navigation of

the users that access to the websites of its customers, anonymously compiling information, without identifying the individual users.

  • _ga: cookie of third parties. Purpose: it serves to distinguish users and sessions as well as

counting how many times a user visits the website. Nature: analysis and follow-up.

Expiration time: 2 years from the configuration or updating.

  • _gat: cookie of third parties. Purpose: it serves to limit the rate of applications.

Nature: analysis and

follow up. Expiration time 10 minutes.

  • _gid: cookie of third parties. Purpose: they serve to distinguish users. Nature: analysis and follow-

up. Expiration time: 24 hours.

The information Google generates about your use of the website, as well as of the reports of the activity of the website and provision of services related with the activity of the website and the use of Internet, shall be directly transmitted and filed by Google in the servers of the United States.

Google Inc is currently party to the agreement Privacy by Shield that warranties a suitable level of protection. Google can transmit the said information to third parties when the law requests it so or when the said third parties process the information on Google’s account. Google shall not associate your IP address to

any other datum available to Google. Google Analytics does not collect any personal data on the users of the webpage. When using the website, you state you are aware of the uses of Google Analytics cookies and that you consent that information about you is processed by Google, in the way and for the

above-mentioned purposes.

Further information on Google Analytics cookies and information on the privacy in the following links:;


Likewise, we advise you that if you are not willing that your data are compiled with Google Analytics, you can install your complement of disablement for navigators directing yourselves to the following link: topic=2919631

Cookies of third parties for the use of web plugins


Google Inc., located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States, places cookies under the domain and persisting along the time that have as purpose to collect and store non-personal information for the Google Search Engine on the preferences of the user for the correct operation of the web plugins of the products of Google and other

information of the users, identifiers, language selected, number of results per search and enablement or not of the SafeSearch filter.

  • CONSENT: cookie of third parties. Purpose. Preferences users related to Google.

Nature: preferences. Expiration: 6 months from the final session or activity.

  • NID: cookie of third parties. Unique ID that Google uses to remind preferences users. Purpose preferences users Google websites and other information, such as your preferred language (for example, Spanish), the number of search results you are willing to appear per page (for example 10 or 20) and if you are willing that the SafeSearch filter of Google is enabled or disabled Expiration: 6 months from the final session or activity.
  • DV: cookie of third parties. Purpose preference users sites related to Google.

Nature: preferences related to Google. Cookies associated to the service of Google Cookies associated to the service of Google Maps, necessary to geolocating our work centre. Variable expiration.

For further information go to the following link: c?depth=1&hl=es&prev=search&



9xKXn/ni4rSr4jkDB 2Nzpg and way of disabling them:

3. How to delete the cookies?

We advise you that when you consent to place and use cookies and/or similar technologies, you may change the configuration of your navigator at any moment to disable them.

You can refuse your data or information to be processed, by refusing the use of cookies configurating your navigator for that purpose, and it if you do i and , affect the functionality of the website that remains limited or even certain services becoming not available.

Concerning the data of navigation to which, if the case arises, BMLD could have access with you IP address, we inform you that they will be used to analyse the Web statistic uses including the most visited sections and the preferences of the users. The IP address shall be used for these purposes in a dissociated way and shall not be associated to an identified or identifiable natural person. Likewise, the IP addresses can be processed to warranty the security of the network and bearing in mind the rightful interest of BMLD.

To prevent that these cookies are placed you will have to configurate your navigator to the maximum of privacy or in order to receive a notice in the screen of the receipt of each cookie and deciding at that moment its installation or not in the hard drive having anyway access to the most updated information of technical support.

To prevent the placement of cookies that tracks your behaviour on line, you can use the tools that the different navigators provide “Do not track” and use the management tool of cookies Ghostery for Firefox available in

In the following link, you can find further information on the cookies and how to manage or delete them:

You can refuse your data or information is processed, by refusing the use of cookies by configurating your navigator to that purpose, and it can if you do it, affect the functionality of the website.

This policy of cookies can be modified at any moment to bring it in line with the legal modifications and/or, when changes occur in the agreements with third parties that place cookies though our Site. The list of the cookies will be updated as soon as possible depending on the changes in the Web or the evolution of the services offered through the Web, and occasionally a discrepancy can exist during the updating period between the cookies appearing in the list of current cookies and the updated cookies, however, they will always be cookies having purposes identical or similar to those appearing in the list.




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