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“We understand light as matter that allows us to highlight and transform a space through its careful integration into architecture”

BMLD is an independent lighting design studio based in Barcelona and founded in 2001 by Birgit Walter; searching for the distinctive creativity within each project, accompanied by its maximum technical rigor.

With outstanding international experience of its founder and dynamism of the technical and creative team BMLD has established itself as a benchmark in the field of architectural lighting. The studio has an International scope with projects in USA, Asia, the Middle East and Europe within the fields of hospitality, commercial, museum and exhibitions, landscape and urban projects, among others. The multidisciplinary of the team allows the studio to work from the conceptual phase of the project until its execution, providing the necessary support in all phases of its development and implementation.


“Natural light has the answers, we observe it within nature and incorporate its wisdom into the design of our projects”

We at BMLD are inspired by the following fundamental principles that are essential in order to achieve optimum results within each project.

The past and the future. Knowing the past strengthens our knowledge and experience, therefore we devote time to the analysis of carried out projects. On the other hand, exploring the possibilities of the future pushes us to be creative and proactive through emerging technologies.

Wisdom of natural light. That natural light has the answers for the development of artificial lighting schemes. We seek to integrate it into architecture whenever possible because light is the means which defines human well-being and space. Phenomenons such as light and shadow, refraction and diffraction, overhead light and observation of lighting effects in nature, enrich the conceptualization of our projects.

Simplicity and detail. At BMLD we focus on details and integration through which an excellent project is built. Details and simplicity speak to us about “more with less”, about the integration of light unnoticeably and subtly. This method exalts architectural beauty, while pursuing a high level of sophistication, comfort and quality that provides solidity to the project

Union is +. Listening and communicating generates successful results, this is one of the foundations that unites the team and is the basis of the relationship with our clients. We also seek unions of different disciplines such as design, art and architecture to approach each project in a creative way.

Project and context. A specific place determines characteristics according to geographic location, cultural and historical context. In many places light is perceived differently depending on its context, which will be the starting point of the conceptual lighting project.

The excellence of a project requires a great work process; it is the sum of creativity, discipline, organization and an established methodology in BMLD, applied in each phase of the project development


Sensitive Ideas + client. Listening to the wishes of our clients is the first step towards a creative brainstorming process. It is the opportunity to know the role that light can play in the project.

Concept. Along with the initial requirements, we conduct an analysis of the project’s needs, in terms of spatial, functional, architecturality, energy and human well-being, which defines the lighting concept, previous step to the design development.

Communication. Understanding the client’s needs throughout the project is fundamental, and is done through meetings and monthly checks ups of projects and future goals. We alway seek to maintain fluent communication.

Collaboration. Our designers work together with our creative collaborators in search of alternative solutions, that feed the development of specific guidelines of the project. The feedback of ideas is crucial at this stage.

Mock Ups or simulations are designed to verify the light effect we want to obtain, the materials to be used, the finishes, the dimensions, the equipment and the areas of the project that can be improved to guarantee the final result.

Design Development. Once Concept is approved and required Mock Ups are conducted, the development of lighting documentation is done, incorporating lighting plans, zoning diagrams, architectural details, specifications, calculations, reports and budgets, (among others, all which is apart of the design development hand in).

Construction Administration. We carry out the necessary support during the construction phase of the project; performing evaluations of proposed value engineering, permanent evaluations and site visits to verify changes and possible improvements for the development of the project.

Final Set Up. Based on the definition of the objectives, the elements of focus and the creation of lighting scenes, we guarantee the final result through a final site visit, that usually takes a couple of days on site. We configure the lighting scenes, inform the client on how to use it and finally provide information on performance of the systems maintenance.


“The commitment to quality guarantees the solidity of the project, and in the attention to detail lays excellence”

Based in Barcelona, the Studio brings together creative professionals in constant search for new technologies and potential applications. Our team combines artistic and scientific skills with business acuity in a balanced way: these characteristics are integrated into the project taking while accounting for the most suitable solutions,in consideration to the designs intent, costs and coherent and intelligent energy consumption.

Additionally, BMLD’s team works independently on leading projects in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Birgit Walter

Birgit Walter started her lighting design career over 20 years ago in New York City and since then has worked on outstanding projects from around the world, including: urban masterplans, landscape, hospitality, retail, museum and exhibitions spaces, among others

In 2001 Birgit founded BMLD, an independent lighting design studio established in Barcelona, which bases its work on the search for the distinctive creativity within each project, accompanied by its maximum technical rigor.

Additionally, in the field of teaching, she has been Co-director and Professor of the Postgraduate and Master Program in Lighting Design at the Polytechnical University of Barcelona (UPC) between 2010 and 2016, she also gives lectures and is being published regularly. Birgit is currently teaching at the Posgraduate program in Elisava, Privatre Perimeters and in IED’s Master in Commercial Spaces.

Birgit is a member of the IALD, International Association of Lighting Designers, and has been a cofounder of the Spanish Lighting Design Association APDI.


“The better the lighting has been designed and integrated, the less you perceive it, you see a wonderful space and feel good in it”. Birgit Walter, Founder and Creative Director of BMLD.

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